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Privacy Policy

Our website privacy policy is very simple and valuable.

1. Information about visitor

When a visitor visit any website by default some file download on the visitor computer that’s are called cookies. These files are help the server if visitor already visit this site many time or not. These files are helps the web management system that what is the section is visit many time or how much they can improve there performance about their website.

2. What is cookies?

Cookies are some text files that automatic downloaded by the computer that can help the web team to find that the visitor how many time spend on the page and what is the files downloaded. These are basic information of a visitor. But user can also stop cookies to download in this condition there is no effect to visit website.

3. Use of Your Personal Information and its protection?

If you sign up on our website some basic data required from the user this information is used to calculate the data and the protection of the user account in case of password forget or any other case. We are the responsible of your personal data and we fully care about it.

4. Policy of Under Sixteen Childs

Sixteen year old or under sixteen year child are able to give their personal data but first you obtain your parents permission and the acknowledge about your activity.

5 .Access your Personal information?

Yes user can access its personal information without any cost just simply contact us. we will take some basic information about to confirm your identity after some hours we will send you an email.

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